Redheaded women are supposedly much better in bed, they have the devil soul, and have much explosive temper than other women. Simply last week, a man I was going to go on a date with from our friendly London escorts website asked me if redheads were “as insane as they state” considering that he’d never before the dated redheaded lady.

I understand that I am tired of hearing any sort of remarks about my hair being red, other than the periodic compliment on my colour. To all of those who believe you are being charmed or funny, we’ve all heard the same jokes 20 times before. So do us each a favour and keep your mouth shut. I’ve talked to lots of other Redheaded women who feel the same way and from my own experience, congregated a list of these few things we Redheaded women are tired of hearing.

Is that your natural colour?Sexy Redheaded women

People who ask this undoubtedly have no idea how manners work, since this is never a proper question to ask a fellow human. The ramification behind this question also really troubles me, because you know they’re going to evaluate the heck out of you if you tell them it’s dyed. Why is natural hair colour thought about to be much better than hair that is coloured?

Ugh. If I had a cent for every individual who informed me I’m lucky for having naturally Redheaded women, I’d be abundant. It’s cringe-worthy because it puts us in an uncomfortable position – should we lament about how we’re truly not that lucky or rub it in your face that we have the hair colour that you appear to actually want?

Hot redheaded woman

Individuals might say a lot of things about Redheaded women, so you’ll probably have to be a little bit more specific here. I’m guessing the answer is most likely no. If you’re even going to ask me concern about a stereotype, I’m going to go ahead and guess it’s most likely not true. No matter what it is.

Has anybody ever informed you that you appear like a redheaded female?

Yes, they have. And for the record, I do not think I look anything like her. Not all Redheaded women look identical, simply because they have the same red colour hair.

Wager you’re really good in bed

If this is your best attempt at flirting with hot redheaded women, then you have failed poorly. Are you really dense enough to believe that somebody’s hair colour identifies their sexual abilities? Come on, this is such an old stereotype, and it likewise makes me feel actually grossed out – so you better stop.

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