“Perry is animated and engaging performer” ★★★★★
– The Nouse UK

“The best solo show I’ve seen this Fringe, nothing short of stunning” ★★★★★ – Fringe Guru

“Perry has a gorgeous jazz voice, capable of Cole Porter-esque perkiness and soulful richness”
-Broadway Baby

“Impeccable comic timing and faultless delivery”
- The Nouse UK

“Clever, amusing and wonderfully executed… I would highly recommend you see it” - Arts Award Voice 


“Her comedic timing is spot on, her acting is superb as she slips in and out of characters, and her singing is pitch perfect. The description for the show says that’s it’s suitable for ages 9- 99 and I think that’s true.”

– Mooney on Theatre

 NNNN ”Loved every moment of Rebecca Perry’s “Confessions of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl”. What a talented, generous artist. And, what pipes! Even bought the CD” – Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

“This is solo show performance at its best, with Perry rolling out a cast of characters in Joanie’s world like a wild kingdom field guide.” – Life With More Cowbell

“I dare you to not fall in love with Joanie Little – and, by extension, Rebecca Perry.”
– Life With More Cowbell

“What’s more, as a window into the all-too-real troubles facing today’s debt-laden university undergraduates, Perry’s monologue is an entertaining look at a compelling and serious issue.”
-Theatre Is Easy NYC, New York CIty, NY

“Our eyes and ears are locked into Perry’s performance” NYC Stage Buddy, New York City, NY

“Our star is charming, Perry’s got a yummy voice – gravelly, smoky, distinct – I loved every minute of her singing and storytelling…”
– Edmonton Journal, Edmonton, AB

“An honest look at a rite-of-passage that EVERY graduate must surpass” “Perry brings you through her year at ‘The Coffeeshop’ with humour, light-heartedness and just the right amount of cheeky wit” “Worth seeing simply to hear her sing”
– Tess McLean, The Jenny Revue, Winnipeg

 “She’s got tons of charm, confidence and is totally bright on-stage—
Perry is a ★★★★ performer” – Winnipeg Free Press

“Perry delivers a performance that is funny, touching and self-deprecating, giving us a Joanie that is sassy, wry-witted and irreverent—and also lost, longing and optimistic”
- Life With More Cowbell (Toronto)

“She is charming, quirky, bright and bubbly enough to keep you afloat without
overflowing the bathtub” – Mooney on Theatre (Toronto)